About Michael

About Michael

A native New Yorker by way of Brazil, I live and work in the greater Boston area. When people ask me “so what do you do?”, the simple answer I give is “I build websites.” The slightly more accurate answer is that I build web-native products for clients and customers. I think a lot about how people interact with the devices on their desks and in their pockets, and do my best to reduce confusion and increase clarity in those interactions.

I’ve been a musician for nearly as long as I can remember. The guitar is my primary instrument, and I deeply love everything about it. I play jazz, classical, rock, and dabble in other genres too. When I was young, I was absolutely certain I wanted to be a professional musician. When I got there and did that for a few years, I realized that doing music as a job sapped the joy out of it for me. So I changed course. That made a world of difference. I still play almost daily, and I do still gig on occasion.

Elsewhere online, I very occasionally post music videos on YouTube and Instagram. You can also find me on LinkedIn, which I find to be a slightly more palatable social network than most of the others.

Contact Me

Feel free to email me at mbester@me.com.